Our mission

At The Scale Business, our purpose is to enable every member to become the best version of themselves. To become more confident, innovative, and efficient in both their professional and personal lives and in doing so, create meaningful and sustained growth in the local and national economy across the UK.

Our mission over the next five years is to create a business community of over 1,000 medium-sized business leaders who are committed to delivering the best service to their customers and transforming leadership and their own remarkable teams along the way.

Giving back
The way success is viewed has shifted over the years from the amount of profit you make to what you do with that profit. We want to encourage businesses to support local and national good causes as a driver for their own scale growth. At The Scale Business, we will also be giving 10% of profits to good causes.


Jim Jordan

JIM JORDAN, CEO The Scale Business Ltd

Results-driven, Jim has a background in the retail industry thanks
to his 25-year career at Clarks Shoes where he went from management trainee to flagship store manager in Oxford Street. Since then he’s worked in regional and country management for some of the high street’s leading blue-chip retailers and international brands. But his passion lies in inspiring Chief Executives, and assisting them to scale their business profitably. It’s why for nearly 20 years he’s helped clients with medium-sized companies across a variety of industries achieve outstanding results and transformations. In his role as chief executive, Jim is involved in strategic development of The Scale Business Ltd across the UK.

E: jim.jordan@thescalebusiness.com


With a passion for positively impacting businesses and the people that work within them, Alasdair Ross has worked at a senior level across many different industries. This 30-year career has given him the ability to see things from an alternative perspective, allowing those he works with to challenge their own thinking and thus achieve effective change within their own organisations. Having successfully created growth for companies, Alasdair is passionate about supporting businesses to scale so they increase the general wealth and wellbeing of the communities they serve.


E: alasdair.ross@thescalebusiness.com

Paul Booker web


Joining The Scale Business and facilitating boards of company owners is Paul’s passion. And he certainly knows what he’s talking about, having spent some 26 years in retail leadership. His stint in corporate life culminated as a director with P&L with responsibility for 200 stores and a 5,000-strong team. Paul started a smart vehicle repairs concept venture that he managed for 19 years before selling in 2021. He’s also created a bio-tech business and now runs his own successful commercial property business.

E: paul.booker@thescalebusiness.com

Amarjeet Hans


With over 12 years’ experience working in the Middle East and Asia, together with 20 years in the UK, US and Europe, Amarjeet has a proven track record of business success. A UK qualified Chartered Management Accountant, with an MBA from one of UK’s leading business schools, he’s worked strategically at board level but still loves to “roll up his sleeves” and get down to the detail.

E: info@thescalebusiness.com


Mark is the founder of Smart Culture Ltd, a published author and has served in leadership roles for over 25 years. As a culture transformation specialist his passion is in unlocking human potential. He works with leaders and teams in small and medium-sized companies to increase self-awareness and develop effective communication which transforms team culture and enables businesses to get to the next level. He has recent experience as CEO (2013 to 2020) of a medium sized-charity and currently serves on two charity boards as Board Chair.

E: info@thescalebusiness.com

Laure Lohk


Laura is a solicitor with 11 years of legal experience who worked her way up from Legal Assistant to a Department Head and Team Leader. In 2018 she pivoted her career and retrained as a therapist and coach. During the pandemic she undertook further training and pivoted her career towards business coaching. She has experience in training and coaching business owners, teams and executives helping them to improve themselves and scaling their organisations.

E: laura.lohk@thescalebusiness.com

Mark Jarvis


Mark began his business journey in the early 1990s and continues to start, build, buy, sell and invest in businesses across the UK. With a proven track record in service-based industries, he helps businesses to grow and scale. He has studied relational business growth for over 20 years and has a Masters Degree in Business Intelligence as well as CIPD and ILM accreditations, and is a member of the Association of
Business Mentors.

E: mark.jarvis@thescalebusiness.com

Laure Lohk


Amanda is a firm believer that the right coach at the right time can be transformational. And, with both commercial and coaching experience under her belt, she has everything you need to help you grow. Once managing director of Daly Telecom for over 20, she now has a postgraduate degree in coaching, her own coaching business and is the founder of the Turnaround CEO and the joint founder of The Insight Centre with Alex Morgan. An associate partner with Wiley on everything DISC, she is also on the Business and Law board of DeMontfort University and is a trustee for Menphys. But she’s mostpassionate about helping businesses to scale. It’s why she’s also a chair
of Scale across Leicester, Nottingham and Derby where she helps business owners to grow in a safe, efficient and productive way.

E: amanda.daly@thescalebusiness.com



Sally worked in the House of Commons for over 25 years, with her last role before early retirement being business manager in the Department for Information Services. This involved working on business plans, managing a budget of £22m and designing a balanced scorecard for the Board of Directors. In the last few years, Sally has used these skills to work with smaller businesses on their own strategy, planning and KPIs. On this journey, Sally has published two business books – Delegate to Elevate and Know Your Numbers – and launched the Steer Your Business magazine. She also runs Reverse The Tide, an enterprise designed to support and promote others whilst raising awareness of environmental issues. An avid networker and public speaker, Sally loves to engage with her audience to inspire and motivate.

E: info@thescalebusiness.com