Want actionable steps that will help you double your turnover within three
years? Get all you need to grow your business, with on-going peer support,
monthly Board meetings and inspirational mentoring.



Become a member

Sign up and you’ll join an exclusive Scale Board of no more than 12 non-competing, like-minded local business leaders.

Meet monthly

With an experienced chair and a structured agenda, monthly Scale Board meetings last a day, and are held at some of the UK’s most prestigious venues.

Be inspired

Tailored upskill workshops and one-to-one mentoring lets you take a holistic look at your company, giving you new insights and actionable steps to bring back to your business.

Inspire others

Solving the strategic issues of other members will help you feel fulfilled and rewarded and give you fresh insights of your own.

See results

Use the collective expertise of your Scale Board to take quantum leaps in your business. You could double the size of your company and treble its valuation in as little as three years.


Becoming a member brings with it a world of benefits


Tailored upskill workshops
Each Board meeting is supported by a tailored upskill workshop to increase sales, improve processes, solve
leadership challenges, transform culture and boost team engagement.

24 valuable scale projects
Gain access to 24 valuable scale projects to implement in-house, designed to engage your whole team in your scale

Group and one-to-one mentoring
Joining a Scale Board gives you access to The Chief Executives Mentoring Programme, with one-to-one executive
mentoring on a bi-monthly basis.

A ready-made trusted network
Along with a safe, confidential environment, you’ll gain an invaluable support network of trusted resources.

A knowledgeable chair
Each of our Boards is led by a handpicked Chairperson, a highly successful business leader with a wealth of
experience and skill to share.

Personal development
To be a great business leader, you must be committed to becoming the best version of yourself. That’s why our
agendas balance purpose with personal development.

“Imagine the power of like-minded chief executives or business owners solving today’s challenges together combined with the ability to support each other with the diverse thinking and accountability that only comes from such a group.”