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AMsafe Logistics & Support

Phoenix, Arizona

“As a member, we covered a wide and challenging range of issues: selling the company; a hugh investment in a new IT system; a hugh investment in a market dominating inventory; strategic business plans for each of my operating units, plus the business unit as a whole and regular US/UK boardroom politics, to name but a few.”


Poole, Dorset

“3 years ago my company C4L had a turnover of £1.5m and 14 staff, providing Data Centre and Internet Services to around 150 customers. In 2011 C4L we achieved £8m turnover and £300,000 net profit, generated by a host of new products and services and a customer base of 540. I then employed 40 full time staff.”



“Working with Renault enabled them to grow their market share from 3.1% to 9.3% in 3 years by engaging in our key strategic methodologies.”

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